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Meet Me Halfway… The Six Month Status Checkup

This is the most exuberant I've been in a coach seat in a very long time.  #AvGeek

How can it be July 4th weekend already?  I feel like I was just ringing in the new year.  If you follow Jetsetter’s Homestead, then you know this has been a whirlwind year for me – I’m at a new firm after an acquisition which means my travel patterns have been altered a bit as I…

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Reciprocal Upgrades – American and US Airways – Part IV

This is the last part of a four-part series on reciprocal upgrades between American Airlines and US Airways. In Part I, we discussed how American’s elite status members can upgrade on US Airways metal. In Part II, we reviewed how US Airways’ elite status members can upgrade on American metal. In Part III, we reviewed…

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Strange but True Stories From the Road

I thought it might be fun to start a semi-recurring topic of strange but true stories from the road.  It seems like my life is a series of these (whether I’m traveling or not) and they form a web of cautionary tales and been there done that life lessons that help me travel smarter! I’ve…

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