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Will Apple Kill the Uber App (and Uber)?

Apple could effectively kill Uber by simply removing the Uber app from Apple’s App Store. This is exactly what Apple threatened to do after it learned the Uber app had been designed specifically to circumvent Apple’s privacy rules. Uber was able to track iPhone users even after they had deleted the app from the iPhone or iPad devices.…

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Uber Execs Fleeing Amid Allegations


Uber President Jeff Jones resigned Sunday from his role at the beleaguered company after only six months. Five more high-level employees are either leaving soon or have already left since December. Jones is quitting amid significant controversy at Uber. The controversies surrounding the company are many. The CEO, Travis Kalanick, was caught on dash cam…

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Are Uber Wait Times Getting Longer?


Lately I’ve had a hell of a time getting an Uber when I really need one.  The Uber wait times in Dallas/Fort Worth have been excessive at several points in recent weeks.  This makes me wonder if this is a symptom of a larger Uber issue brewing. Three data points for Uber wait times in Dallas/Fort…

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Travel Needs More Bill Johnson

“I don’t know how you do this every week” a friend of mine said last night as she sat down next to me at an evening board meeting.  “Its exhausting!” She was just returning from a two day trip to see a supplier, one of those trips that I believe may still be the exception…

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Imposter Uber Driver Picks Up Co-eds


An Uber story is making the rounds in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  An imposter Uber driver picked up two women near the Texas Christian University campus this past weekend and allegedly initiated inappropriate contact with them. The driver approached them around 2 am near a popular off-campus bar area and told them that his scheduled…

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