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Introducing Master Pages

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to dig for things on the internet.  While the Googley people love nothing more than to dig for treasure, I prefer to spend my screen time reading. I have a large trip coming up and want to be able to write about it without having to…

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Is That YOUR Inflatable Penis?! – Golden Princess Review Part V

When Princess Cruises describes their sailings as “a relaxed, rejuvenating retreat at sea”, the image of a young woman wearing a tiara “riding” a large inflatable penis around the crowded Golden Princess Piazza as if it’s a stick horse is not what my mind conjures up. Perhaps I have a different idea of what “relaxed and rejuvenating” mean when…

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Seven Reasons to Take a Short Cruise

I’m excited to be sailing on Golden Princess this afternoon out of Los Angeles on a quick three-day cruise to Ensenada and back.  While three days is definitely not enough time to take advantage of every feature the ship has, it will still be a fun journey! This will be the shortest cruise I’ve taken…

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