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Chasing Alexander Calder

Joe Mabel [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many frequent travelers I know have certain rituals or routines that punctuate their trips.  Two different friends have each amassed a large collection of Starbucks city mugs.  Others collect snowglobes or Hard Rock Café pins.  I collect Alexander Calder. Its not (for the most part) a physical collection – although I do own two handsigned epreuve d’artist…

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Brooklyn Meets Paris at New Festival

Bearded hipsters meet fashion’s finest at a strange new food and culture festival in Paris. Paris by Mouth reports that a new special festival at high-end department store Le Bon Marché is celebrating all of the “best” of the New York borough as curated by their merchandisers in a bizarre Brooklyn meets Paris styling. While…

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Terror – Travel Makes It Personal

One of the dozens of Erawan Shrine photos on my iPhone.

Travel opens doors and windows to the world.  There is no denying that visiting a different place opens you up to new experiences, new sensory stimuli, new cultures, new ideas. But the darker side of being exposed to all the new horizons is that it removes the detachment factor.  When it comes to international terror, travel makes…

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