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How to Tame Your Komodo Dragon

I never do anything the easy way.  If I did, then I would have been content with seeing a live Komodo dragon living a mere three miles from my house, safely enclosed, at the Fort Worth Zoo. But no.  I have to do things the hard way. And thus one of the major draws of…

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The Bachelor in Bali

Vihara Buddha Banjar

I shared earlier this year that watching The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure when I’m stuck in hotel rooms.  I still think that it’s an unrealistic show that mirrors the troubles of vacation romances (with the added intensity of a compressed timeframe, extra alcohol, and lots of bystander crew members.  But this season has been particularly…

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The Majesty of Borobudur

The beautiful Buddhas of Borobudur.

When we last left off on the Indonesian adventure, my friend Rachel and I had left our comfortable suite onboard Seabourn Odyssey for a two-night adventure to visit Prambanan and Jogjakarta and experience a sunrise atop the 9th century Buddhist temple of Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage…

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Surabaya with Blue Bird

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On my recent twelve-night Indonesian cruise aboard Seabourn Odyssey, only one port proved troublesome for advance planning (something I don’t like that much) – Surabaya. Surabaya was a mystery. Plan A was to come up with a tour or other planned activity for the day.  The ship’s tours did not sound at all interesting (and were…

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