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Visit NYC, Sex and the City Style

Image: HBO

Sex and the City may have finished its HBO run over a decade ago – and hopefully its movie reincarnation after a train wreck of a romp through the United Arab Emirates a few years later (they got the designer obsessions correct at least, even if they did stomp on the culture in the process!) And yet…

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NYC May Get Permanent Cat Cafe

Friends of felines, rejoice. New York City may be getting a permanent cat café if crowdfunding plans are successful, according to this piece from The Gothamist. Little Lions seeks to be one part tea house, one part cat sanctuary where cat lovers can sip their favorite beverage while being rubbed on by resident kitties. The idea originates from…

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Hotel Reviews – Sheraton New York Times Square

I don’t make it to Manhattan nearly as often as I used to.  My work doesn’t generally take me there (into one of the airports, perhaps, but not into the city itself) and I’ve hit the age where many of my friends who lived there have now migrated to another borough.  When I do venture…

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