Travel technology.

Guest Curator – Next Issue

I’ve raved before about the app Next Issue which is the equivalent of having the entire newsstand on my tablet for instant reading pleasure. Next Issue has been my saving grace during the numerous flight delays and cancellations I’ve endured in the last year.  The stash of magazines has given me reading pleasure on cruise…

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Perfect Travel Selfies

I love traveling solo. There is something blissful about experiencing a new place and being guided only by my own impressions of it. Yet I often wonder existentially whether if I have no photographic evidence of my time there, did I really visit? I should take more photos with me in them – but sometimes…

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Free Stuff for the Taking

We’ve talked about nutrition quite a bit here this week (when we weren’t talking about manufactured spending… wow, I really had no idea exactly how big that was until the comments started coming in!)  And on the topic of nutrition, there’s some free stuff I want to make sure you’d seen! 1. I’m giving away one…

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