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Routines of Adulthood – The Weekly Update

I’m not entirely sure how I got through the last week without a single post here. I think its because I got so busy just “doing” things that I never got to it.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes the routines of adulthood take precedence and we find ourselves on the sofa at 10 pm, still grinding on…

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The Weekly Recap

Welcome to the weekly recap for the Jetsetter’s Homestead.  For those of you who stumbled here via my featured stint on BoardingArea this week… welcome!  I’m a management consultant who spends most of my weeks on the road.  On the weekends I split my time between fun side trips and my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas…

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Hitting the Reset Button – the Weekly Update

Shock. Its the body’s way of protecting vital organs in the event of trauma or other life-threatening events.  Blood flow is redirected to major organs to keep critical functions stable while diverting blood or neurological flow to lessor areas.  It’s not a healthy state but it is necessary to maintain function. Sometimes when major life changes…

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Balance – the Weekly Update

Happy Sunday! It’s been crazy busy around here lately.  Broken record, I know.  It’s been a blur of random hotel rooms, flight delays, and project deadlines.  I’m well ahead of the requalification game at the mid-point of the year with no end in sight.  And that’s a good thing because travel means I’m busy at work. I’ve…

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The New Normal

Is it Sunday again already?  I feel like this is becoming my new normal – get to Sunday and sit down to unpack my experiences from the week before and wonder “what the hell happened?!” This week flew by even though I only traveled two days last week.  I’m settling into a nice rhythm now…

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