Golden Princess 2014

Golden Princess

Home for all the posts and related content for my Golden Princess cruise in 2014 – a three night Pacific coast sampler from Los Angeles (San Pedro) to Ensenada and back.

Overall, an interesting cruise although maybe not a way to see Princess at her best.  The winners – a surprisingly comfortable standard balcony cabin, The Sanctuary, the beverage package, International Café, the Crab Shack specialty experience, and Vines (the wine bar).  The losers – the food (overall), passenger behavior (uncouth), balcony design (noise), and disembarkation (chaos).

Read it all here:

Part I – How Did I Get Here?! – planning & departure

Part II – If These Walls Could Talk – cabins & balconies

Part III – Please Pass the Salt – dining & drinking

Part IV – Are We There Yet?! – activities and amenities

Part V – Is That YOUR Inflatable Penis?! – how it all went down

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