Back to Business, Quickly!

As Jim will tell you, there’s no place like home.  We both like being here but a quick reentry can be a rude awakening.  That’s definitely how it feels to get back to business after a week of vacation.  Writing the weekly recap today was definitely bittersweet! Recapping Last Week We were on vacation so…

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How to Make a Return from Vacation Pain-Free (Almost)

violence and viral videos

Yesterday was our return from vacation after a week-long trip to the Bahamas and Cuba. After being gone for that long, there are always the inevitable household tasks to take care of before the next business trip and regular life kicks in again soon. Is there anything important in that giant stack of mail on the…

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Summer Travel – 21 Must-Have Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials

Summer travel time is almost here.  For many, that means taking a trip to somewhere sunny – a cruise, beach vacation, camping, or foreign exploration. We are just returning from a week in the sun cruising on the Norwegian Sky.  Now that I’m back, I wanted to share my personal list of must-have summer travel essentials.  These 21 items…

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