ATC Privatization Shouldn’t Be A Political Decision

American Airlines requesting support for ATC upgrades

Last week, Trump proposed fast-tracking the NextGen air traffic control system (or ATC abbreviated) for managing commercial flights over US airspace. Some airlines have taken to goading their members to support the bill. However, you should make your own decision and it should be an apolitical one. Advocates of the privatization measure say moving air traffic…

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A Crazy Week of Attacking Animals, Sexually Charged Ubers, Penthouse Suites, and Other Miscellaneous Travel

Seabourn returns to Alaska

Happy Sunday!  From attacking animals to penthouse suites, it has been a busy week here at the Jetsetter’s Homestead.  Let’s dive right into what’s been keeping those activity meters on our Apple Watches running at full levels. Recapping Our Week I’m wrapping up my time here on the Seabourn Sojourn Alaska inaugural cruise.  I will have…

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More Sex Love and Uber


Three years ago, I decided to experiment with driving for Uber just so I could better understand the UberX platform.  It was brand-new to Dallas-Fort Worth and I had yet to even be an UberX customer having only utilized the relatively new Uber car service in cities like New York and San Francisco. That mini…

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