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Morrissey, Mistakes, Snakes… The Weekly Recap


On this round of the weekly recap we cover Morrissey, mistakes, snakes and more.  That is just where the fun begins.  Hang on to your seats because we are going to drag you through this Monday review. We have been a featured blog on for the past few days.  It has been fun to share our writing…

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In-Room Snake – New Marriott Amenity?

Forget the free bottle of water or complimentary points for hotel status.  That’s so 2016.  Hotel chains are looking for new ways to impress guests.  So why NOT an in-room snake?! That’s the first thing I thought when I read this headline in Travel + Leisure. It seems a housekeeper at a Marriott Residence Inn in Massachusetts…

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Hotel Reviews – Courtyard by Marriott Richland WA

Conceptually I love “aspirational travel” (you know, the thought that I could just hop from Four Seasons suite to St. Regis penthouse in between the time on my yacht or my villa in St. Tropez). The reality is for me, that’s a vacation dream at best – an aspirational goal, not a day-to-day reality. I…

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