Mistake Fares Trump Mardi Gras at Prior2Boarding This Week

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Good morning from New Orleans!  Today the Mardi Gras fever will be in full gear.

Today it will be watching the day parades roll uptown on St. Charles and then heading back to the hotel to don the black tie finery for a night of throws, shows, and debauchery at Endymion Extravaganza at the Superdome.  Extravaganza is that krewe’s ball and Luke Bryan will be headlining the party!  If you are trying to decipher this, you might want to check out part 1 and part 2 of How to Mardi Gras Like a Local!

While I’ve been off enjoying Mardi Gras, my fellow bloggers have been busy covering the rest of the world of travel.  Here’s a bit of what they’ve chatted about around Prior2Boarding this week.

Mistake fares ruled the day.  But I’ll get back to that because lots of other interesting things happened this week that deserve a second look.

* Congratulations to Travel With Grant who joined the big leagues over at BoardingArea.  It’s been a pleasure blogging alongside you for the past eight months and I am proud of what you’ve accomplished!

* For those who need to ask, Efficient Asian Man answers the question of when to change into your premium class airline pajamas.  (Thank goodness he didn’t ask where to change into them… I’ve seen a variety of answers on that topic too!)  For what it’s worth, I prefer to change after takeoff but before anything else – eating on the airplane can get messy (soup + turbulence = mess) and I don’t like getting my traveling clothes soiled on the plane!

* Soon thereafter ThePointsOfLife tackled a twist on the same topic while also offering some tongue-in-cheek commentary on travel blogging.  I wonder if one of us should start a “Who Wore It Best” series of passengers in their airline pajamas.  Seriously.

* Uber has a panic button now?  I haven’t seen it yet in my city but Travel Blawg shared a few of the safety enhancements the company is working on.

* I’m glad someone can finally tell me what the snack mix on American Airlines tastes like.  (I have never tried it but I imagined it tasting like the debris under the seat cushions.  The Forward Cabin sets the record straight.  (I think Jamie must have an iron stomach to be brave enough to try all that scary looking food!)

* Travel Summary won a Cyber Monday contest many weeks later.  Find out how.

* Because I frequently “sleep with teenagers” in hotels, I wasn’t aware of how restrictive some hotel booking policies are in terms of ageTravelling the World unfortunately is.

And now back to that mistake fare incident.

For those of you just catching up, earlier this week United Airlines experienced a glitch with their third-party currency conversion.  As a result, for a small window of time, fares for UK-originating flights priced in Danish home currency were priced incorrectly (like VERY incorrectly… a decimal place moved a couple places to the left).  So if you used the UK site and changed your billing country to Denmark, you could get a transatlantic first class fare for under $100.

Someone discovered this glitch and spread the word.  Then others wrote about it and United shut it down.  By afternoon, they announced that all the tickets would be voided.  Upset passengers filed complaints with the Department of Transportation.

And it goes on.  I didn’t write about it and I didn’t buy any tickets either.  I’m not going to get into the ethics of mistake fares – I’ve taken advantage of some in the past but this one felt too grey for me.  But lots of people I know and respect did.  Many wrote about the ongoing debacle.

Here are a few of my favorite posts that came out of that topic:

* Will Run for Miles had a unique take for sharing the news of the Danish mistake fares.  Props for originality!

* Points With a Crew shared why you will miss out on the next mistake fare

* Andy’s Travel Blog highlighted best practices for mistake fares.

* Muslim Travel Girl ran into a different series of mistake pricing issues – they are everywhere!

Who knows what next week’s hot topic will be?!  You’ll have to check into Prior2Boarding everyday to find out!

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  1. Good morning Jennifer, thank you and it has been a pleasure writing alongside you and the rest of the P2B family. I went to New Orleans several years back about a week after Mardi Gras ended. Had a fun time looking at the floats and walking down Bourbon Street. Have a great time!

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