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When Operations Go Haywire, Should Airlines Ask Passengers to Volunteer to Help?

Delta apology

If you or someone you remotely care about was scheduled to fly on Delta over the past few days, you have my condolences. I dodged that bullet – barely. I was scheduled to fly into Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, just as the first wave of operational trouble had kicked up.  Then I was headed to northwest…

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First Class Hate Speech

A recent flight incident now making the media rounds has left us scratching our heads.  A professor at Drexel University witnessed a first class passenger on his Delta flight giving his seat to a uniformed soldier.  This act of kindness drew praise from many fellow passengers and the captain even went so far as to write the passenger…

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Earn More Delta SkyMiles WITHOUT FLYING This Spring

A new bonus opportunity to earn Delta SkyMiles without flying has arrived. Members can gain 1,000 bonus miles for each “new” participating SkyMiles partner used (and earn miles with) from March 24, 2017 through June 30, 2017.  (The member must not have earned miles with that partner between March 24, 2016 to March 23, 2017 to be considered a “new” partner.)…

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TBT: Airport Deviled Eggs

The Delta Sky Club brought to mind one of my favorite posts of yesteryear – airport deviled eggs. Why? Because despite Jim’s observation that travel is not healthy, it really should be.  And part of that is eating lots of protein. I get excited these days that domestic airline lounges have improved their food offerings.  One…

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