This is Why I Won’t Be Traveling This Thanksgiving

My favorite perch for blogging and other online work.

I have a loose agreement with my family.  We can be flexible on when or if I celebrate holidays (birthdays, national celebrations, and religious ones).  This allows me to take long weekends (like Thanksgiving) to travel without cutting into my personal leave balance. My mom has no issue putting a leftover turkey dinner in my…

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Becoming Agnostic – How I Lost My Loyalty

Hampton Inn - Sandusky Central

Agnostic ag·nos·tic /aɡˈnästik/ – having a doubtful or noncommittal attitude toward something. I used to care about loyalty. I was a slave to the loyalty programs I had chosen – sleeping in inferior hotels (sometimes changing properties in close proximity to increase my stay count), doing an occasional mileage run to top off my account…

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Worst Travelers Ever

Window seat

Some people are the worst travelers.  Ever. The reality is that anyone can be among the worst travelers on a bad day. I’ve encountered plenty in my day. There are all those folks featured on passenger shaming sites. There is that guy who threw trash at me in the airport that one time. There is that…

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Make American Great Again

American Airlines

I am I used to be a raving fan girl for American Airlines.  But that has not been the case in 2016.  For the last 24 months, my patience with my hometown airline has been wearing thin.  Its time to make American great again. First it was the short-lived changes to inflight service that cut out food…

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Traveling Like Royalty

We picked a lovely evening to dine al fresco on the aft deck of The Colonnade on Seabourn Quest.

As I prepare to leave for Europe next week, my to do list seems to be growing longer rather than shorter.  I’m leaving DFW in a little more than 48 hours.  I’ll be making a 2 day pit stop in Seattle to visit a client and teach at my firm’s new consultant boot camp.  Then I’ll…

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Travel to Stars Hollow

I have a good excuse for why I only recently discovered the amazing town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Yes, I’m 16 years late to the party. I have a good excuse though.  When Gilmore Girls debuted in 2000, I was just out of grad school.  I was transitioning full time into the world of management consulting.  Traveling…

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