How I Lost Miles – Thousands of Them – Through My Own Carelessness

lost miles

I just made a startling discovery.  Over the past two years, I lost miles – thousands of them, actually! While I cannot calculate the exact value of the lost miles, I estimate it to be at least the equivalent of a domestic round-trip ticket.  At minimum.  And maybe more – big ouch! Hopefully you can learn from my…

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Emotional Support Animals – When Will Enough Be Enough?

emotional support animals

Have we hit another tipping point with passenger and crew interactions?  The latest incident appears to involve emotional support animals and occurred on an American Airlines flight. Many of you may have seen today’s story on View From The Wing about the premium class flyer who was booted from a Miami to Los Angeles flight…

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TARGETED: Double or Triple Miles Offer on American Premium Class Flights


A new targeted offer is out today from American Airlines offering bonus double or triple miles on premium class (business or first class) flights through August 31. I received the offer for triple miles in my inbox a short time ago with the following text: Hello Jennifer, An exclusive offer for you Sign up to earn 3X award…

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Delta’s New Bag Tag: Your Face

In an effort to cut in half the time it takes to check a bag, Delta will test a new system that uses facial recognition. This summer, four machines will test matching customers with their passport photos in Minneapolis to identify baggage. The airline is hoping to speed the process for passengers and free gate agents…

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