Have You Suffered From Paris Syndrome?

Paris syndrome can result.

Add Paris syndrome to the list of strange maladies I hope to never be diagnosed with. I stumbled upon this previously unknown to me disorder while going down another one of my random research rabbit holes.  This happens often.  I intend to Google one thing.  Hours later I find myself dazed, hungry, and reading about an obscure topic I had no…

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New American Airlines Boarding Order Introduced

American NEW_787_aircraft_masterimage

One of my travel pet peeves as a near-weekly flyer is the ambiguity of the American Airlines boarding order process. While the order in which passengers are allowed to board has been clearly articulated in the past, the American Airlines boarding order process is often still poorly executed. Right now, there are technically nine different boarding groups…

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2017 Freddie Awards Voting is Now Open


Freddie Awards voting for 2017 opened a few days ago and your favorite travel programs may have already tipped you off with an early plea to vote. The Freddie Awards recognize excellence in travel loyalty programs and are highly coveted by airlines, hotels, and credit card issuers.  Winning a Freddie gives a program bragging rights for marketing.  Also, the awards often…

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When Coach is an Upgrade


The prodigal blogger returns, after a seven week absence, to explain how coach is an upgrade. Yes, that is a thing. I didn’t intend to have such a long gap (yet again) between posts but life happened.  We had a significant reorg at work along with eight business trips.  I also had a second surgical procedure for the melanoma…

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  We are three days into the new year and my calendar is surprisingly free of personal travel commitments for 2017 which is highly unusual, almost suspect. I’m not entirely free of commitments as I have several business and volunteer commitments already penciled in and am awaiting decisions on projects that may largely direct the…

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Seven Goals for 2017 Travel


Each year I like to set travel objectives for the new year to help me focus my travel planning. I achieved most of mine in both 2015 and again in 2016.  The clock has turned and it is now time to set goals for 2017 travel. Maximize my actual travel time – Whether it is…

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