Switching Off for Vacation

A recent study I spotted in the Daily Mail reveals exactly when the average Brit is switching off for vacation when traveling abroad on a week-ong holiday.


It turns out that day 3 at 7 :30 pm is the average time that one relaxes fully into vacation mode.

That, to me, is further justification that I’ve been doing the right thing leaving for my cruise holidays a couple of days early.  For my last cruise that departed on a Saturday afternoon, I caught my Lufthansa First flight on Wednesday afternoon.  Then again, could anyone still be in work mode when enjoying that kind of in-flight service?  Even as I worked from the First Class Terminal, I was already in relaxation mode.  Still, I was fully decompressed by the time I boarded the ship – so much so, that I’m repeating the three day early departure for my next vacation in November.

Also, 5% of those surveyed cry on the last day of vacation at the thought of returning.  Me?  I cry 100% of the time!

When do you find yourself switching off for vacation?  Is three days too much time or just right?


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