Will This Get Through Airport Security?

I’ve seen a new tool popping up recently in my social media feed – a Leatherman-style hair barrette for women that boasts several tool functions for $10. And I’m also wondering will this get through airport security these days?  And if not, have we now created a new subclass of items – women’s accessories – for the Transportation Security Administration to scrutinize every time we travel.

Leatherdos - a multi-function clip

Leatherdos – a multi-function clip


This has the same basic aesthetic as the Goody hair clips I wore when I was in elementary school.  But it’s been reformed to include basic needs a woman might find herself with on the road.  Who hasn’t occasionally needed a serrated edge to cut something with or a small screwdriver to fix a loose screw on a pair of sunglasses?  And yes, I’ve even had cause to wish I had a wrench!

It’s available for only $10 through website Animi Causa – a small price to pay to indulge my MacGyver fantasies, assuming it will fly.


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