Wearable Carry-on

This gem has been popping up on my social media feeds this afternoon and is too funny not to share.  It seems that a couple of Sydney-bound passengers decided to go the wearable carry-on route to avoid paying excess baggage fees.

image credit: reddit

image credit: reddit

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What do you think? The craziest thing I’ve done domestically with repacking has been to rearrange my bags at the check-in counter to redistribute items.

I do remember stuffing a lot of heavier objects into my shoulder tote once to get around a checked bag weight maximum on Air New Zealand however… and I had a sore neck/shoulder as a result for weeks afterward!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done to get around a baggage restriction?


  1. Now that AA has dropped the GLD bag allowance down to 1 free checked bag, I’m tempted to wear my ski boots on board next winter. I imagine that TSA would make me take them off, even with pre-check…

    • Just leave plenty of time if you are connecting. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m doing a moonwalk when trying to amble anywhere in ski boots!

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