People Who Travel Would Benefit

One of the things that frequent and/or far flung travel will give you is perspective.

Perspective to reevaluate decisions you make in your own life, how you approach relationships with others, and general coping skills.  There are people who travel would benefit if only they stepped back from their present reality.

I am reminded of this when I run across stories like this one near Los Angeles.  This woman apparently thought there was a need to stalk a guy she had met on an online dating site by trying to climb down his chimney.  Of course she got stuck and hilarity ensued.  Apparently he had broken up with her after a few dates because he found her on his roof a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps her internet time would be better spent researching places to travel, ways to get there, and what to do.  And think of the trip she could have had for the sum what the bail money, court costs, potential fines, and likely damages she’ll end up paying are.

Then again maybe she does fantasize about travel, perhaps in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer.  Someone needs to teach her how to earn some frequent flyer miles – her new hobby perhaps will be time-consuming enough that she stays off of rooftops.



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