Dallas Cowboys Transatlantic Travels

The Dallas Cowboys traveled to London yesterday in preparation for their face off with the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium.  The matchup will mark their first ever international regular season game.

The team flew Virgin Atlantic and posted a photo album of their journey on the team website sharing photos from bus loading, the airport, and onboard the plane.

If you think YOU are uncomfortable in coach, you’ll cringe at the sight of NFL players squeezed into the same seats.  While the team did not share their method for calculating upgrades, it appears that many of the upgrades went to coaching and front office staff.

The team’s adventures in London can be followed on Twitter with the unfortunate hashtag #CowboysUK – or if you prefer, #CowboySuk

Fortunately the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders chose more wisely.  Their highly photogenic travels are being chronicled with the hashtag #DCCLondon

Who do you predict will win Sunday’s matchup?

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