How to Dress Like a Celebrity Jetsetter

Want to look as chic as a celebrity jetsetter the next time you fly?  InStyle has compiled a great slideshow of celebrity airport fashions worth a glance before your next trip.

No matter how you dress to fly (business or casual), they’ve got inspired looks for you.  Nicole Kidman’s black & white coat the start of the photos?  Divine!

A couple of things seem to be a requirement to be a well-dressed Hollywood celebrity jetsetter – big dark shades and a sleek travel tote.  I’ve luckily got those covered.  And these gals are not afraid to rock a hat when necessary.  You’ll notice many also dress for comfort with layers, knits, and a soft scarf to complete the look.

If this inspiration isn’t enough – or if you are trying to figure out how to get it all in one bag, don’t forget to check out the Jetsetter’s Homestead packing list board on Pinterest.


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