Still in Lyft Limbo

If you’ve been following my Lyft saga, you know that it’s been a roller coaster ride to try to get approved to drive.


As of this morning, I’m sitting at less than 72 hours to fulfill my driving requirement and still no approval. I redid my mentor ride on Saturday afternoon (and was finally asked to rate it 48 hours later – a switch from the within-the-hour acceptance the first time around).

I know my background check has cleared (per Lyft’s email to me on Saturday). I can even sign up for driving hours on Lyft’s website.

But I’m still not approved.  And yet others who completed their redo on their mentor rides AFTER me are now driving.


My attempts to contact Lyft have been futile.  I’ve tried four separate email addresses I’ve been given.  One bounces, two have a “we are no longer checking this address” message, and one more seemed to go into the void.

At this point, it appears Lyft is deliberately dragging their feet to attempt to defraud me out of a bonus that I should otherwise be able to earn.

Meanwhile, Uber has now offered to give me a case-by-case inspection of my car to see if it will qualify for UberSelect on an exception basis.

So Lyft… what’s it going to be?


  1. I had the same issue with Lyft but chose to post a question for their Q&A forum instead of emailing. They, of course, had to have it approved by a moderator and then informed me that my question was not appropriate for the public to see and they would be answering my question personally via email. I was approved the next day.

    Good luck to you, hope it works out!

  2. Lyft will never survive if they continue on their current track. I was denied to drive for Lyft because I had a misdemeanor on my background from 26 years ago when I was 17. Non violent non drug related offense of a stupid kid.

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