Getting Things In Order


It’s almost spring here around the Jetsetter’s Homestead.  This past week was another week on the road doing site work followed by a weekend of spring cleaning at home.  I’ve been getting things in order because I start working for a new firm tomorrow… my first time in twenty years to start somewhere new as my career has had a flow to this point that hasn’t required that.  I’ll transitioning all my existing projects over with me so the next few weeks will be hectic as I make the adjustment so I’ve been doing everything I can to prepare at home to ease that stress.

The switch means I’ll probably have minimal time for Uber or Lyft, not that I won’t still occasionally log on and drive a couple of weekend hours on both when it’s busy.  (Like yesterday – with St. Patrick’s Day festivities and spring break ending and nice temperatures – it was crazy busy so I did nine rides in between my spring cleaning.  Couldn’t resist!)  Yes, I’m now driving for Lyft, even though they completely failed me on the bonus offer.  (And yes, I’m mulling legal action.)  And Uber is going to consider me on an inspection basis for UberSelect.  (Might as well maximize the earning if I do drive!)

I didn’t get to spend much time online this week due to the preparations for my switch although I did have to share the hot guys on the Paris Metro and some of my Prior2Boarding favorites.

My expectation is that things will get a little crazy the next few weeks as I adjust to a new schedule, new work environment, and new realities.  I’m setting a goal of trying to write at least three times during the week and then keep up my weekend posting schedule.  I have no shortage of content in my backlog… just a drought on time to write that I hope to find a way around.  In my world of tackling travel/life/work balance, this will be a new challenge I hope to conquer – and I look forward to sharing how I did it once I figure it out.

I’m onward to the next chapter….


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