Man Stalks Girlfriend’s Spring Break, Crowdfunds Effort

File under bizarre… a Maryland man used GoFundMe to pay for a trip to Miami so that he could follow his 22 year old girlfriend on her spring break trip, as reported to the Daily Mail.

His fundraising page shows he raised $360 of his $300 goal and made it to Miami to track her down.

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He reports that all is well in their love bubble… but the look on her face above makes me question that.

Supposedly they are still together, but it seems odd that the media thus far has only been from his side.

I know I’d be all flavors of mad if a boyfriend decided to crash my all-girls trip out of jealousy.  And I’ve broken up with more than one guy who tried to throw rules on my travels (where I can go and with whom).

My belief is that if you have a stable relationship with solid boundaries, travel for either partner is not an issue unless it violates those predetermined lines.  And my standards are high enough that I wouldn’t settle for a relationship where those boundaries felt to constrictive.

But at $300 he didn’t try to crowdfund a premium class ticket, so who knows where his standards are?!

What do you readers think about this story?  Did she cross a line by going on a spring break trip with her girlfriends?  Or did he go to far by following her there?


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