Update: Volcano Air Travel Disruption Still a Threat

File this one under the category of being “sort of” right.  Last week I posted about the potential for European volcano air travel disruption.  Mother Nature has a sense of humor about these kinds of predictions, it seems.

I had the volcano part right, but today’s red aviation alert is not for the volcano in Italy that I was discussing (Mount Etna) but one in Iceland (Bardarbunga)

2010 Icelandic eruption  (photo courtesy of Iceland Meteorological Office)

2010 Icelandic eruption (photo courtesy of Iceland Meteorological Office)

The last major European volcanic disruption to aviation in 2010 (also due to an Icelandic volcano) had a global impact to the air travel industry that was estimated at $1.7 billion.  New regulations have changed the aviation industry’s thoughts on flying through clouds of ash, however, so the potential for volcano air travel disruption is lessened somewhat this time around.

Nonetheless, if you are flying through or over Europe this coming week, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on flight alternatives, just in case.  ExpertFlyer is a great resource for making contingency plans should Bardarbunga unload a high volume of ash into the atmosphere.

Where you one of the unlucky travelers affected by the 2010 volcano?  Share your story in the comments below….




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