Weekly Recap – August 25-31


I’ve been missing in action for much of the last week because my schedule has been intense – but in a good way!  Its the start of the university school year and I’ve been knee-deep in sorority recruitment.

There are all kinds of interesting reasons why people travel – work, hobbies, family, friends.  Me?  I get in a few trips a year as a volunteer with my sorority – Gamma Phi Beta – to work hands-on with some of our collegiate chapters.  Its a fun way to stay connected although I’m at the age that getting by on 4 to 6 hours of sleep for several nights in a row while sleeping in a campus chapter house is a struggle!

This past week I started off the week with a four-day conference on the road.  I came home for 24 hours and then headed right back out on a eight-day trip to California.  I was at Sonoma State University for two days and now I’m on my third of five days at University of California – Berkeley.  I’ll then have a quick side trip to Reno for work before I head home.  I consider myself lucky that I get to travel to two great campuses – Sonoma State is one of the most gorgeous campuses in the country and Cal is totally a school I would have applied to as a high school senior if I’d know more about it back then!

We did tackle a few things this past week despite the crazy hours and very limited internet access, but this weekly recap is lighter than normal.

I talked about struggling to keep my head above water when things get too busy (like they still are right now!)

Concerned parents of a child with a nut allergy are taking on American Airlines with their #AAcutoffyournuts campaign

… and related to that, our travel nutrition guest blogger Heather discussed strategies for traveling with food allergies.

And I did get around reviewing one of many hotels I’ve stayed in lately – the Fairfield Inn Sandusky.

I was also issued an ice bucket challenge (one of three I got in a 24 hour period)!

This week I’ll be back to a normal posting schedule in the next 48 hours as I catch up on sleep… I’ve got a lot of interesting things that I’ve run into the past few weeks to recap (and there are lots of interesting things happening in the travel world to talk about)!

Have a great week, wherever you are!


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