Weekly Recap for November 17-23


Happy Monday!  For those in the US, it’s an especially happy one because it is a three-day work week for many.

Me?  I’m not working at all.  In fact, while you are reading this, I’m enjoying a sea day on Seabourn Odyssey as I begin day two of my Singapore to Bali cruise.  I left on Thursday night after a long week full of travel delays (both weather in the northeast and mechanical issues).  I was starting to doubt I’d ever make it to Singapore!

Because I knew I’d be taking some downtime from Jetsetter’s Homestead while I was gone, I didn’t post as much as normal last week as I was concentrating on getting some things together for the next two weeks just in case I spent a little too much time sipping champagne poolside versus logging on to write.  As such, this is a short weekly recap.

I talked a little bit about food – one of my favorite BBQ joints from my old neighborhood got a shout out on a major travel list.

We still had a good week… two hotel reviews, both in California – the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego and the Westin Los Angeles Airport.  The stays could not have been more different!

I enjoyed my Cathay Pacific first class flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong on Thursday night.  I’ll have more about that soon enough, but I quite enjoyed taking everyone on a walk down memory lane with a retro trip report (from 2002!) from my first time in SFO-HKG first class.

And not to be leave you out of the action, I’ll be having two giveaways of vintage Cathay Pacific amenity kits (the coveted Ipa-Nema bags).  One will be this week, one next – both will be via contests posted here on Jetsetter’s Homestead, so stay tuned to see what to do if you want to try to score one!  Keep your eyes open for a Cathay Pacific guest class review coming soon from a special guest blogger too.

Speaking of great things that came in the mail, I’ve reviewed my latest Stitch Fix box (complete with embarrassing mirror selfies).

I’ll be posting updates from the trip as I can… but if you want to stay in the loop, you might want to follow me on Instagram or Twitter.  I’ve got the scoop on all my social media so you can catch up.  And don’t forget that I have a master page for the trip I’m on now – a Singapore to Bali cruise on Seabourn Odyssey – so you can catch all the photo posts there!

Oops… my champagne flute is empty… it’s time for a refill.  I must sign off.

I hope your week is shaping up to be fabulous, wherever you are!


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