Underrated Credit Cards

Many of you know that I don’t really spend much – okay ANY – time talking about credit cards here.  It’s not really my wheelhouse (heck I still haven’t figured out exactly how to eat a vanilla-scented bluebird) and I chose to pick a few unique affiliate partners instead of offering credit card links.

So I was a bit surprised when Doctor of Credit asked me to weigh in on my favorite underrated credit card.

It was fun to be included in this piece, even if my advice might be a bit contrarian to the other responses.  The reality is that I’m pretty bland in my own card choices, partially out of habit, partially out of laziness, and partially because as a business owner, I still get a bit squeamish about messing around with my credit.  Not to mention I’m not focused enough to keep up with promotions and benefits that most take advantage of.

So my recommendation would be one I’d recommend to folks like me.  But there are some other great cards highlighted there and I’m bookmarking it for the next time I sit down to review my finances as I think there are some gems there.

Have you read the article at Doctor of Credit?  What do you think about the suggestions offered?

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